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Open Bee™ Portal is a software solution that can unite, through a single interface and a single infrastructure, all the company's information and documents.
Designed to store and index thousands of paper and electronic documents, Open Bee™ Portal provides a quick and easy access to company's information via a simple Internet browser such as Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.


The Open Bee™ Portal user guide includes recommendations, tips and suggestions to get the best out of Open Bee™ Portal. Please make sure to familiarize yourself with the concepts and configuration procedures described in this guide and the Open Bee™ Scan documentation, a document filing module.

For more information, or to access folders dealing with topics raised in this document, please also refer to the Open Bee™ website at the following address:

This manual has been written and published under the Open Bee™ control, it covers the latest product descriptions and specifications.

All terms, product references, recommendations, and the content can be changed without prior notice.

Open Bee™ reserves the right to change, without prior notice, the specifications and information contained in this manual and will not be held responsible for any damages (including consequential) caused by the information presented here, including, and without being limited, to typographical and other errors related to the manual.


DateVersionRelease noteDocumentation
November 20196.11.0Open Bee Portal 6.11 Release NoteThis documentation
May 20166.5Open Bee Portal 6.5 Release NoteThis documentation
Dec 20156.4Open Bee™Portal 6.4 Release NoteThis documentation
Sept 20156.3Open Bee™Portal 6.3 Release NoteThis documentation
August 20156.2.1Open Bee™ Portal 6.2.1 Release NoteThis documentation
July 20156.1.1Open Bee™ Portal 6.1.1 Release NoteThis documentation
June 20156.1.0Open Bee™ Portal 6.1.0 Release NoteThis documentation
April 20156.0.0Open Bee™ Portal 6.0.0 Release NoteThis documentation
October 20145.6.2Not availableOpen Bee™ Portal 5.6



Latest version : 6.8.3 - March. 2018

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