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The Open Bee Scan Capture solution is based on a client / server architecture. Open Bee Scan Capture is therefore made up of 2 modules:

  • Open Bee Scan Capture Server :

    This module monitors one or more folders in which the scanned supplier invoices will be deposited in PDF format.Invoices will then be interpreted by Open Bee Scan Capture Server to automatically capture the accounting data on the scanned supplier invoices.
    The interpretation process is automatic and runs after the invoice is scanned. The Open Bee Scan Capture Server module (extraction and control) runs as a Windows service (in the background).

  • Open Bee Scan Capture Console :

    This module is installed on the users' workstations in order to videocode the supplier invoices interpreted beforehand by the Open Bee Scan Capture Server module.






Download the latest version :

Open Bee Scan Capture Console

Open Bee Scan Capture Server

Version 3.7.2-2 - Août 2019

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