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Possibility to request the creation of thumbnails of the images sent to O.C.S


PDF/Text conversion with Tesseract

The images document are now converted into PDF / Text with the OCS Tesseract engine.


Windows Tesseract installer

Availability of the OCS Tesseract version on Windows


MS Office integration

On Windows, in cases where MS Office is installed on the server, OCS will use it to generate the conversion Office> PDF. The result being of much better quality than LibreOffice.


PDF/text processing

PDF texts are not going through the OCR engine. The text layer is extracted directly from them.


Processing times improvement

When a PDF/text conversion and a text extraction were required on a document, the OCR process was done twice. This is no longer the case, which allows a significant time savings in the processings.


Users access

The home page now requires a login to be visible. This information could be transmitted to the partner and customer.

Login : guest

Pwd: OCSpublic


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